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UNd web Template

After a break of 3 months, where I was very busy with my internship at Accenture as a Business Intelligence consultant, I’ll try to post more frequently on this blog. To start here’s a brand new template I made, pretty clear without any fancy effects. Use it for free!

Below is a preview of the template and links to download it:

Sad grey: css3 template

Here is a brand new blog template.
I tried some features of CSS3 which mean you won’t be able to have the same render with navigators that does not fully support CSS3 yet.

This version of CSS really ease the development of webdesign:

  • Include custom fonts
  • Rounded corners
  • Text’s shadows
  • Multiple backgrounds images
  • And many more…

I am thrilled about all of these and I hope that we will be able to use CSS3 as soon as possible. You can take a look at that blog template I was talking about earlier:

WIP : SlickPong

Here is another project I am currently working on, it is a pong like game called SlickPong. Why SlikPong? Because Slick is the name of the Java library I am using to develop this game.

Slick is a 2D Java game library based on LWJGL. This library really ease the development of games, a bad point about it is the lack of documentation in the API but you will find plenty of tutorials to fill this void.

For now the ball can bounce on the screen and I handle the player movement. I am currently working on the collisions between the player & the ball. You can follow this project on GitHub, get the sources if you want:

Simple green: another free template

Here is a brand new CSS template I have created.
It is a very basic template (you will tell me it explains its name, true words) with only one column. I still tried to keep it nice. I hope you will enjoy it and once again feel free to use it.

You can take a look at it below and you will find links to see a live demo / download it at the end of the post.