UNd web Template

After a break of 3 months, where I was very busy with my internship at Accenture as a Business Intelligence consultant, I’ll try to post more frequently on this blog. To start here’s a brand new template I made, pretty clear without any fancy effects. Use it for free!

Below is a preview of the template and links to download it:

3 thoughts on “UNd web Template

  1. This is another great design, thanks. I’ve been using your LightSky template while taking a Web Frameworks class and its clean, easy to read style has helped me learn how CSS works.

    I’m thinking of transitioning from LightSky to UNd, but several of my images are designed to match the blue scheme of LightSky. I can do some basic things in GIMP but they don’t look as good as yours. Would you be interested in making a modified UNd with the color scheme of LightSky?


  2. Thank you Adrian. I could do it but I am not really into web design & CSS anymore.

    Also as you may have noticed, I have not added a new post since last year, I have other stuff to handle right now and it is taking me a lot of time.

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