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Useful extension to debug your websites in Google Chrome

Each and every web browsers gives you the ability, as a web developer, to work faster with extensions and/or built-in features.

Chrome provides a very good tool for web developers where you can manipulate CSS styles on the fly (add/edit/disable it). You can also get a view of all the images used by the current page, checked the javascript and more. Sounds like a firebug-extended to me (and in my opinion, the version of firebug under Chrome isn’t that good yet). To open this awesome tool use the ctrl + shift + i shortcut.

A good extension to add to Chrome is pendule, it works like a charm with the Chrome tool developer. This extension will add good features:

  • Pick up a color onto the page
  • Get the topology of your page so you can see how your divs/elements are displayed
  • Automatically validate your pages (W3C validation, browsers compatibilities)

The Chrome tool developer is a very nice tool but pendule fills in some missing features (that I found mandatory).