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WIP – News on my Gimp training

Last month I talked to you about a video training I am working on. So far things are going pretty well, I have ten video recorded and I am in time with the schedule.
Which means I hope I will be able to release it by the end of June 2010.

The table of contents looks like this:

  1. Introduction & goals will give the basis to work with Gimp: understand the interface, layers, keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Photo editing deal with various modifications you are able to apply: edit the brightness, colors, rotation. But it also explains how to adjust eyes colors or remove unwanted elements (wires, wrinkles, etc).
  3. Multimedia creation is related to any web based edition: web template, abstract background, fancy text effects, how to extract a part of a photo.
  4. Complete tutorials: a particular chapter where I use everything seen before to complete a full creation.
  5. Others, where I explain patterns, brushes, custom fonts or scripting for Gimp.

The first two chapters are done and a few video from the last three chapters are also ready.

WIP – Gimp training

One of my current project is to create a full training on the GIMP software. This training is open to everyone, it begins by the basis: understand the interface of the software, how to work with layers and so on. Further chapters will deal with photo editing and graphics creations which will sure be more technical.

Everything will be in videos to make it more pleasant to follow. I already have recorded a couple of chapters and a website is also a work in progress (using CakePHP framework) to provide this training in a nice environment.

I will keep you posted about this project since I do not want to release it until everything is well finished.